Big A Solutions is a one-stop shop for all on-set production needs. We provide production services, location support and equipment rentals to film crews so they can focus on fulfilling creative missions as efficiently as possible. We solve problems of all sizes and scopes in order to provide solutions that are truly end-to-end. We’ve been around and have seen a lot-trust us when we say that our experts can handle pretty much anything! We are ready to tackle whatever threatens to throw your production off track. Abatement, cleaning, restoration, snow, power washing, garbage…anything! You name it, and you can rest assured that we won’t rest ’til we solve it for you.


Big A Solutions was founded in 2010 by former locations manager and second A.D., Frank Dauro. Frank first started Big A as a cleaning company-but never refused a job his customers asked of him. Having spent years on set in his customers’ shoes, Frank understood the urgency around their needs. He built his schedule around theirs, and never refused to help come up with solutions to their challenges. Frank became something of a “go-to guy” for solutions, which inspired him to create Big A Solutions. In the years since, Big A has grown to serve all on-set production needs in hundreds of locations, but the tenants that shaped the company and its leadership have remained unchanged. Frank brought his brother John on-board in 2018. Together, Frank and John own and operate Big A Solutions, lovingly named for their late grandfather Frank Alagia, a man known to all as “Big A”.