The health and well-being of our friends and family in the film community has, and always will be, our paramount objective. Big A Solutions was sanitizing right up to the state mandated shut down and has continued to work with studio safety teams and managers alike to ensure we can get back to the studios and on location as quickly, and most importantly, as safely, as possible.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Services available at all production environments, including but not limited to:




Green Rooms

Equipment Trucks

Department Shops

Staging Areas

We Are Focused on Implementing The 3 Step Strategy Prescribed by The CDC To Maximize Safety

Develop Your Plan

  • At Big A we are prepared to adapt to the unique cleaning/sanitizing requirements of stages and locations on a schedule that works for Production.
  • Thorough on site walkthrough to be conducted prior to pre production.
  • We have an ongoing dialogue with studio safety teams and their respective Managers to ensure maximum transparency.


  • Coupling routine cleanings with sanitization to maximize safety.
  • We are only utilizing methods and cleaning materials approved by the CDC/EPA.
  • Traditional cleaning methods (vacuum, mopping, spraying, wiping, etc.) will be coupled with electrostatic spraying and HEPA air filtration.

Maintain and Revise

  • As always, we are prepared to adapt to safety standards prescribed by both government agencies, and individual studios, as they are modified.
  • Amending our services based on Productions needs has always been a hallmark of Big A Solutions.